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In this fast moving world , take a little rest and read some stories brewed freshly and directly from my heart !!!! Let’s have a heart to heart talk through these stories. Here you will find stories of all genre, from romance to heart break, from horror to devotional, from love to hatred, you name it !!!! This store have different stories in the stock always!!!!

So, Check it out yourself-

Rant time

The world is not always a beautiful place and things are not always on the sweeter side though I try my best to love my surrounding sometimes some people or things irritate me to such an extent that I get irritated to the core and when my irritation find a way to get out, I rant on an on

Here are some classic examples-


I love to review and recommend things to you, it may be anything from books to beauty creams to travel destinations. Anything and everything I loved will be mentioned here.

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