#Rant time 1 – The legend of “Advice loaded people”


I am stuck !!! I am in a trouble !!! I couldn’t find out a way !!! I couldn’t find a ray of hope {okay okay less dramatic} so basically, I need help or I am seeking advice!!! Notice my words “I AM SEEKING FOR A ADVICE”, so I will go and find someone best at the business, speak out my worries, the person will give me the best possible advice and voila the drill ended, this is how it should be???? Yes !!!!!!

But but but my dear friends !!! There is another category, a rather active one who will give you advice about anything as they know everything, you asked how ??? Firstly how dare you??!! and secondly, because they have been there when the big bang occurred, they were there when the first raindrop kissed the hot earth, they were chilling out with dinosaurs even bid them farewell, how on the earth do you think that early man discovered fire ??? The discovery was only possible due to these people’s advice, that’s a completely different thing that, early man discovered wheel so that they can run away from these “advice loaded legends”. Let’s not get there !!!!

These people know everything about anything !! The exactly know what’s good or wrong for you, so you should work according to their advice otherwise you are doomed !!!! What do you even mean by it’s your life?????

I know you wouldn’t agree !!!! Why would you ??? Your arrogant minds don’t understand these great advice loaded people, let me give you some instance-

You were lying on your sofa, you are tired after a long, hectic day and they noticed your comfort and the advice started just here – why are you lying on the sofa, this will break the springs of your wooden sofa !!! IKR !!! Why are beds for??? What do you even mean by it’s your house, your sofa, and none of their business??

● So you were lying on your sofa, you have switched on the TV and are scrolling through your phone screen !!!! Now, these advice loaded people have all the rights provided by the almighty to judge that you are a jobless, useless fellow and that you should do better in your life, you should idealize their son/daughter and stop being a jerk, you should be hardworking like they were since the beginning of this world !!! Now you are listening to their struggle stories and your weekend has been ruined !!!

you were in a great mood !!! You and your friends decided to have a little get-together at your residence !!! When the party starts you have the valuable advice of all the uncles that this is the age to work hard and you should not waste your time and money in these stupid parties and if you think this is over then wait until the party ends, you are bidding farewell to your friends which involve guys too and there all the aunties took the charge that when they were of our age, they were married and had two kids but still didn’t knew the face of their husbands {WTF}

● you should know how to cook !!! You are a girl !!! How will you manage after marriage ??? Your in-laws will beat the shit out of you {hmmmm thank you very insightful and motivating thought, now I am excited to get married, whoooohooo}

● Have you seen “Shahrukh Khan’s (biggest Bollywood star) daughter’s latest Instagram pic ???? What she was wearing the other day??? Her shorts were short, do they don’t teach their kids anything ?? I just commented on his picture to teach his daughter to wear decent clothes, what do you mean by, Shahrukh khan doesn’t even know that I exist???!!

● you are preparing for an entrance exam and they find you being all cheerful and happy although it’s your break time after long hours of study and now you are doing some refreshment activities instead of stuffing your head in the books 24×7, now they have all the rights to tell you how to study, what to study and how not to be happy if you want to crack this entrance examination because their “big brother’s- son’s- friend’s- father’s – son” has followed this advice and now he is in Forbes list of richest personalities.

● you are a guy in your mid 20’s and didn’t have a job ??? The advice loaded people have all the rights to turn into an “astrologer” and tell you that you didn’t gonna survive in this world and also just forget about marriage {basically you will be a virgin forever} what do you even mean by passion or ambition ??? Bollywood has just ruined your minds. So basically just follow the path followed by “God’s child” which is their son otherwise you will always be doomed.

Advice loaded people association head – In our defense, we just wanna say that we feel you are like our own son\daughter !!!! That’s a different thing that we have earned thousands of sons and daughters in this way !!! We care for you !!! What do you mean by you have your own set of parents ?????. If only we have someone in our life to advise us like we are with you, today we would have become something better in our life and would have reached if not great then to some height and would not have this much leisure time and also we wouldn’t have to satisfy our ego in your failures so try and understand our plight you selfish generation ……. And also if you had read this till the end, which you must do, then I must say you should like and comment your views, this is our genuine advice right now!!! Just do it!!!!!!!

hey friends !!! I tried something new !!! Tell me if I should continue it ??? Or this one was a mehhhh !!!

© Storytime with Shivani, All rights reserved

85 thoughts on “#Rant time 1 – The legend of “Advice loaded people”

  1. It’s so sad that I related to every sentence that you wrote😂😂

    Especially “all the aunties took the charge that when they were of our age, they were married and had two kids but still didn’t knew the face of their husband” —I mean what can you even say to that🤯🤯😂

    A great read Vani🥰 xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great post, Vani. It is an interesting paradox, and not. Those that say they know everything, and give advice away, even to those that are uninterested, actually show how, through their claims of knowing, little they truly know about how the world works. It is inside of not knowing where true knowledge can be found. Excellent. Have a great rest of your week, my friend. ❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hahah i could feeeeel the rage through the screeeen. Lovely!!!!

    Oh no, why are you sleeping so late? You must sleep by 10. *I have a meeting with the ghost and their work hours are after 12am and so I am up waiting*
    Based on a true story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha the rage is just brewing inside for so long now 😅 🤣
      Haha 😄 I am sure the ghosts are more fun to hang out with than these peoples …
      Thank you so much for reading ❤❤❤


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