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Story- I wanted to

It was evening when I looked outside, the sky was clear, a light breeze was blowing, some children were playing cricket in the park. “You are out” someone screamed at the top of his lungs, must be Sudhir, he always screams like that when he doesn’t get batting for a long time. “What are you thinking […]

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Happy what!!!!???

Hey guys !!!!! How are you all doing ??? Resumed your work or still stuck ?? so last night when I was about to sleep, suddenly my brain found the perfect time to remind me of an “embarrassing incident” which happened exactly three years ago and I was like voila !!!! Sleep ruined but I […]

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Story- Bad day

Thadddddddddd” and I fell from my bed, I was dreaming. “Ahhhhh” my back hurts !!!! As soon as I got up, I stepped upon my shoes which were lying there and I slipped and fell again !!!
And that’s what my friend is called perfect morning

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Story- In the End

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, remembered the “happy faces” of my family, murmured ‘I love you and ‘sorry’ to them!!!!! I was standing on the top of the bridge wall, counted 3…….2……….

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